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Matrix Limited Edition Custom Alien Pulse Rifle Airsoft AEG (Color: OD Green)

54 Customer Reviews

by Darrell W. on 01/24/2018
"I’ve been skirmishing with my M41A Pulse Rifle since September ‘17, and this gun does not fail to satisfy. It gets a lot of looks, and attention, and the performance is very competitive to that of many M4s.

I’ve upgraded it with a 300mm Madbull stainless TBB, with Maple Leaf bucking, and a flat hop-up nub, added a Gate Warfet programmable mosfet, and have a PEQ mounted 11.1v lipo on the right vent rail. I topped it off with a picatinny rail screwed into the center gap of the “carry handle” to mount a 2x red dot. I use .30-.32g bbs in this 400 (on the dot) chronoed rifle.

This gun is now easily accurate to 150 feet (usually hit with two or three immediate, follow up, shot and devastating within 100 feet, many times one shifting a moving player. Beyond 150 ft, I use my SR25 DMR to engage, so I am not really worried about extreme ranges.

The downside is reloading, as the guide rail is so high up in the gun. A guy , from New Zealand, on an Aliens forum has made a 3D printed full length guide to make reloading easier, and I will be getting that soon. I definitely recommend buying extra bottom caps and cutting a hole for full sized mags to poke through, and to use high caps until one has a fix for quick reloads. The gun is just shy of 10 pounds but it feels like a good weight to me, unlike polymer M4s that weigh nothing, single handed firing this gun is not a problem.

If you are thinking about getting this gun, do it, it won’t disappoint!
by Jason K. on 10/18/2017
"Just received this gun on 10/17/2017 and opened it up and love it, being a huge Aliens fan. I thought this came with the battery and charger but it does not. I'll have to order them and wait before I can try it out. It's metal and plastic and feels heavy enough to believe that it is a real firearm. It has two orange caps over both front barrels. The larger one covering the grenade launcher portion can just be pulled right off and then slipped back on for legal reasons but the orange cap on the top barrel has some type of pins going through it making it difficult to remove it you tried. I may just paint the tip with some model paint and make it match the rest of the metal on the gun. Even if you don't buy batteries or BB's for it, right out of the box it is definitely a collector's item and enough to make any other Aliens fan drool.
by Antonio M. on 07/13/2017
"Very true to the movie Aliens .Awesome details on gun ,solid feel,weight and powerful hitting.Only problem is loading magazine into gun is very tricky.would be hard to reload under pressure in fire fight.
by norm h. on 03/10/2017
"first off. this is worth every penny.
I first saw aliens when i was 9 on vhs and wanted one since then.
I got the package today and it was HEAVY!! so I put the movie on my oldschool big screen tv and started unboxing. i tell you it was spiritual. when I pulled off the top and looked at it I just stared without touching it for probably almost five minutes and called my girl in. do note that it takes two batteries, a stick type and a 9 volt which are not included. The props id seen in the past were over a thousand dollars and after watching many reviews this is so much better as far as im concerned. moving parts heavy as heck, lots of metal. its just dope. if youre thinking about getting it, do it. absolutely do it. you wil know what it feels like to hold an m41A pulse rifle. as far as airsft rifles go, I really dont know because ive never played airsoft, but i dont give a crap, this is a pulse rifle. ive not had batteries in it yet, havnt fired it yet. dont care. its incredible as it is. fel the weight.
by chris m. on 09/20/2016
"Had this for a while now, it's still awesome. How do you go about general maintenance and cleaning of this thing? I have never cleaned an Airsoft gun before and I don't know what I should be paying attention to etc.
by Chris L. on 04/20/2016
"I recently bought this gun a few months ago knowing that there would be some modifications that would have to be taken. I am a big fan of the aliens franchise and have dreamed of owning a pulse rifle since I was a kid, that being said I got motivated to do some mods after playing the recent aliens colonial marines 360 game. I know the game sucked, but it had some great additions to the pulse rifle that have worked very well for airsoft. DISCLAIMER: These mods require the disassembly of the pulse rifle, take your time on taking apart the green plastic section as it is pre-glued and will require some tender plying(about an hour to separate) so that you dont break the plastic. I recommend using a small flat head screwdriver and an exacto knife and patience! The following are the mods...

1. Mag well- Any reviewer/owner will tell you that this gun's mag well is very big for the skinny thompson mag. If you try to reload the mag without looking into the mag well odds are it will take you up to a minute to even load the mag. I went to home depot and picked up their smallest thinnest section of plexi glass(10x10" I think) for 3 bucks. I went home and disassembled the left(non counter) green side of the gun off so that the right side was still there and the thompson receiver was there too. I then loaded a mag and began to cut strips of the plexi glass out(clippers work great) and piece them around the mag. The idea here is to build a slim cage around the mag so that when you go to load it, there is only one route to load. After doing this, I glued about 5-6 little squares chunks via epoxy to the non counter side green plastic shroud just above where the mag cover is. When you glue enough of the squares on this side, it should make it where the mag has no way to move anywhere but directly into the rail on the inside of the mag well. I recommend getting painters blue tape and do mock fits with the tape as it is easy to remove before committing with epoxy. I can reload my gun in seconds and I can literally slam my mags into the mag well as well.

2. Orange tip- I dont mind the orange tip but I planned to put a silencer on it so I had to remove it. I first tried to wrench it off, but found it easier to take a small flat head screw driver wedge it between the barrel and the orange section. It will take a few minutes, but you should be able to remove it in sections. If you are a die hard fan and do not want to modify your gun beyond the scope of the movie, then you dont need to read further.

3. 1 point sling- Yes I didn’t mistype that, I put a 1 point on my pulse rifle. I did this very simple mod by locating the metal bracket that helps hold the two green plastic body shrouds together that is behind the pistol grip that attached on the underside by to small screws and a big bolt. Remove that and depending if you are a right or lefty, drill a hole in the middle of that side and install your sling mount. In my case, I installed a small square rail there so that my sling point could rotate and sit on top of the metal piece. I chose this metal piece because the location of it is about right for a 1 point sling and it is a strong metal part that fastens very good on the bottom side of the gun. I originally had a two point sling, but found it very limiting when it came to reloading as the angle to load the mag was very tight and would take a lot of effort to load and would hinder me in cqb. Now I can swap hands and reload quick and this keeps the weight down when in long games.

4. Reflex imbedded in carry handle- This gun does not have any iron sights, but a valley to look through on the carry handle. I wanted this gun to be universal and accurate so I decided to go with a reflex sight as it is accurate with the game and it has a small/thin profile to fit INSIDE the carry handle. You will have to dremel out some of the carry handle where you plan to install the sight in order to do this. When separating the green shrouds, you will see a middle long piece that rests inside the carry handle, I mounted a plastic rail on there and dremeled around it to fit. Then I put the reflex sight in there and made my marks on the shroud pieces to be dremelled down. Take your time here so that you dont buzz off too much plastic. This is a great addition for sight acquisition and in low light you have a reticle! My gun is very accurate with this setup where it feels like a sniper rifle.

5. Flashlight- Since I am concerned with lowlight, I need to have a flashlight mounted. I mimicked the game and mounted a small rail on the opposite location of the bullet counter. The location is great because it is close enough to operate a flashlight with your thumb without much movement. I chose to go with the NCstar flashlight attachment that has an off set so that the flashlight will mount diagonally instead of just up. This helps to clear the green shroud but is still within reach of your thumb. Then following is the link.

6. Silencer- I wanted this gun to be very capable outdoors and so I decided to add a silencer which again is similar to the game. The game plan is add a silencer and then get an inner barrel that is 6-7 inches longer for more accuracy. I ordered a 7 inch silencer and a pistol silencer adapter with the same thread type, in my case 14CCW. When installing, break down the gun and remove the black outer barrel and see how the pistol silencer adapter is to it. Odds are the pistol adapter will have a smaller outer diameter than the barrel, which is normal. From here either take it to a machine shop which they will shave some of the metal off the end for the adapter to fit or if you have a lathe or other machining tools have at it, got mine done at a machine shop.

7. 9.6 battery- When you order this gun, it comes with a 8.4 battery that fits pretty snug. I run a 9.6 1600 mah battery in mine and it has a nice stock ROF. You can put a 9.6 in this gun but it is really cramped. Since I have a bad luck with short outs, I wanted to make sure this wouldnt happen to this gun. You should be very good at breaking the gun down at this point and disassemble the shotgun section and you will see a plastic tab where the battery naturally fits. You can break off this part and glue some foam(any foam insert you can find will do) about an inch further down so that you will have more room for a slightly longer battery!

My intention is that the people who read this review will have an understanding of the capabilities of this gun and an idea of what components I used and where to install them for optimum use. All the components I used were purchased through evike and I used some of their "matrix" line up as they are reasonably priced. TBH, I didnt start using my pulse rifle until about a month ago when my buddies gun took a crap and decided now was the time to test it. My gun is hands down accurate for long range outdoor games and has quick fast reliability for cqb, this is quickly becoming my fav gun because of its raw capabilities.
by Timothy M. on 04/20/2016
"As both a real firearms enthusiast as well as a hardcore Alien franchise fan, this unit is GREAT.
The magazine is the only real disappointment with the whole thing as it is a real pain.
If you have a bit of mechanical aptitude, you can shave a little here and there to make the magazine
go in and out much more easily.
The orange caps are glued on tight and all the removal methods I've tired didn't work.
I ended up simply masking the unit and painting the orange caps with a heat resistant flat black.
It definitely added a bit more realism to the unit.
by Lawrence G. on 04/20/2016
"Got this a week back, and I just got to say this Rifle is pure awesome! I honestly found only two problems with it, a bit of paint scratched off on the top rail which actually makes it look better and the battery kind of sucks, but its easily replaceable so even thats no big deal. More of a shooting at targets gun though, I probably wouldn't take it out onto a field to use as getting at the magazine and cranking can be a pain. I definatly recommend it for the hardcore Aliens Fan though!
by Anthony H. on 04/20/2016
Looks amazing
High fps right out of box
LCD counter works
Upgradeability is easy
Manual shows how to take the gun apart
Heavy but light enough to carry around all day
Just feels amazing

Pistol grip is loose (easily fixed)
Heat sink wobbles (another easy fix with manual)
No built in strap rings
Would have been nice to have battery area bigger to fit better battery
The over/under grenade launcher slide is a little loose for my taste
Not really a big deal but the shotgun cartridge placed in gun for looks should have been a grenade shell

All in all I rate this gun 5/5 because 99% of the gun is amazing! Biggest issue I have is the battery area size and grenade launcher slide. Still an amazing buy compared to the old TM custom job that would cost $800+. You can't beat this deal for such an epic gun! BUY IT!
by Toby W. on 04/20/2016
"Just bought this today (01/03/2013) WOW holy alien pulse rifle batman this is one of the coolest airsoft/replica guns i have ever handled, great weight feels real, almost all of the body is metal, and what isn't metal is some of the highest grade abs polymer i have seen.
Digital ammo counter is by far one of the coolest features i've seen on an AEG. As a prop weapons builder myself I can safely say this has to be one of the most accurate replicas of a movie gun ever produced. Shoots wicked fast and very accurate, fully adjustable hop up, holds 195 BB's and has an extremely durable full-metal extendable butt stock. Wether you are a hardcore airsofter or just a movie prop collector, this is by far one of the most impressive AEGs out there and is easily worth the ticket price.
The only minor cons are the non functional underslung grenade launcher (not shotgun) as everyone says, you should all watch aliens again if you cant remember that (I personally don't care about this feature being non functional) and also the mag release switch can be a bit tricky, apart from that gear up, and get ready to go on a bug hunt, coz this thing FREAKIN ROCKS!
Make sure you buy a lithium ion battery as the one that it comes with sucks
by David H. on 04/20/2016
"Hey everyone - first of all, let me just thank thanks to EVIKE for offering such an awesome item at such a reasonable price!

Ever since I saw ALIENS in 1986, owning a Pulse Rifle replica has been one of the things I've wanted most. So when I saw this, it was impossible to pass up. Let me tell you, for anyone interested in a replica that both looks and feels like the real deal - buy this NOW!!! Weighing in at 13lbs, and with most of the parts that should be metal actually are metal, and those that aren't are very nicely made - this gun has amazing realism! Total nerdgasm! LOL.

Seriously though - nicely done. Everything was just as advertised (does come with the orange rings on the barrels for safety awareness while out in public or in use, but for anyone looking to remove them, the Internet offers easy info on that).

The battery that came with it works fine. Charge it like EVIKE recommends before ever using it - 5-6 hours the first time, and you won't be disappointed.

I really love this product. It's VERY well made, and is perfect for either the collector or the airsoft gang.

The only negative side that I have with it is VERY minor - because of the design of the magazine, it can be a little...challenging at times to get the magazine inserted correctly. But seriously, that's it. This thing is totally cool and works like a charm!

Get one while you can!!!

Oh! And to EVIKE, I really appreciated the very detailed breakdown booklet that came with it. For an unexpected suprise, that went a long way with me. If I ever needed to totally take the gun down to it's bare parts, this booklet will make that super easy. Thanks again! Very happy with this!!

Thanks EVIKE!!
by Chris M. on 04/20/2016
"I am a huge Aliens nerd! I have a complete Colonial Marines armor set and Iv been using a solid non working pulse rifle replica as my prop gun. This gun blows the replica out of the water! Size action detail durability accuracy rate of fire OMG! My prop gun is now the wall hanger this baby is in action! Im not much of airsofter but i would not hesitate to use it in a game its VERY ACCURATE and has some distance to it. I will be at the release of Aliens:Folonial Marines for sure wearing my armor and carrying this baby for sure!
by Mike L. on 04/20/2016
"Tried this gun at super store. Its sick! Very detailed replica of the pulse rifle. It use hicap, long barrel, can be upgraded fully and not too heavy. I probably won't use it in a game if I buy it since its so nice, but there shouldn't be any reason for it to cost you tactical advantages in a game.
by James T. on 04/20/2016
"This is the most amazing thing I have ever own and fired. Did you know this gun is as milsim as any others? Try googling Pulse rifle, this is modeled after a real bullet firing gun rather than just a movie prop!! Or they built it after the movie maybe?
by Peyton W. on 04/20/2016

If you complain about the shotgun function being none functional you are out of your minds. There are no Alien pulse rifle in the world that is off the shelf with a working shotgun, besides, I prefer my battery going there anyways over a shotgun that I will never use. I am however, hoping to rig a madbull grenade launcher in there as my next project. The previous model is retailed well over $1000 without the quality, performance and durability of this model by Matrix. This Matrix model wins in all directions, angles and areas.

Now, lets talk about the gearbox and firing, it is far more than an amazing wall decorative piece. Although I can see many buying it for that purpose. The thompson internal looks like it may be OEM by CYMA or King Arms. Metal gearbox, metal gears, all nicely built with a very strong torque motor. The rate of fire is about 15 rounds per second with my 9.6V battery and it is DEAD ACCURATE I tell you.

The bullet counter works like a charm. Probably the coolest thing on the field if you are out there to show off.
Think twice about hanging this on the wall, I have used it in many CQB matches and this rifle have served me well in both battle advantages and attention grabbing. After-all, it is an Alien Pulse Rifle!!