BAR M1918 A2 Full Size Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Steel Bipod by Matrix

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Model: AEG-M1918A2

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by Russell R. on 03/14/2015
"I find this gun to be awesome! For the price I paid for it I am not too disappointed.
However I will say this I was only disappointed that I couldnt take the bipod off fully, I could manage to take the legs and carry handle off, but the part that holds the bipod in place you would need to use a dremel or special tool to take that off, but the legs come off by just unscrewing them and the carry handle comes off by unscrewing it and then kinda prying the handle off, use a flat head screwdriver to kinda bend it off ( it wont break the carry handle or damage the barrel, maybe scratch the barrel, but not break it ). Now to the pros and cons!

1. Shoots at 395 fps that's really nice with a .20 gram, I also shot it with a .30 and its still impressive.

2. Feeds magazines really smoothly with an 8.4V battery

3. Range is very good and shoots far and accurate up to 200 ft

4. Looks extremely classy and is slightly heavy, but hey its a support gun its suppose to be that way.

5. Very well done replica of the BAR for anyone who wants to own this as a WWII fan or a world war two actor, or because its awesome to just have.

6. Great gear box.

7. Hop up is easy to adjust for your range reasons its like an AK adjuster which is easy to use.

8. Fires pretty fast if you use a 8.4 V battery and keeps 180 round magazine longer.

9. Because it uses an 8.4V battery smoother its more realistic to how an actual BAR was because it is a slower shooting weapon in history.

10. I have wanted this gun for almost 13 years so its a dream come true, but its also a great buy for its price.

Cons, but could be fixed:
1. Magazine feeding issues if you use a 9.6V battery or anything above that. Magazine will not keep up with speeds past a 8.4V ( which thats not bad if you want a gun to shoot smoothly use a good 8.4 battery). Now it does shoot fast with a 9.6V battery, but yea like I said the magazine cant keep up with it and you could jam the gun for that reason.

2. I wish the Magazines would hold more rounds in it besides just 180, but hey use it smart and you will make a good support team mate. Make sure to buy more than just 1 magazine for this weapon you will want at least 3.

3. Bipod legs are kinda useless and cant keep in place and it wont fully come off unless you use special tools.

4. Barrel and gun can scratch easily so be careful.

Neutral Pro/Con:
Bipod and Carry handle are already attached to the gun inside the box, I know for me I wanted the BAR without the Bipod and Carry handle on it, but i took them off. However its like I said you wont be able to take off the bipod fully you can remove the legs and the carry handle, but you will still have the triangle like piece that still holds the legs attached and its swivels everywhere so use some black electric tape or something to keep it in place without having it move everywhere.

Feel for History: Comparing the fire rate of the BAR to the Thompson and why its good to get an 8.4V Battery.

Now I mentioned you want a 8.4V Battery for this gun because in history the actual BAR was a slower shooting firearm compared to something like a Thompson ( The Thompson/Tommy Airsoft gun Works wonderful with a 9.6 V battery ) Anyways in history the BAR fired about 650 rounds a minuet compared to a Thompson that shot 700+ rounds a minuet. So its more historically accurate if your BAR shoots a little slower. If you want more of a real feel for how the gun actually is get an 8.4 Battery for it that feeds your magazine smoothly. It may shoot slower, but your magazine will feed smoothly and constantly and fires pretty fast for an 8.4 battery, and its historically more accurate.

Over all I rate this gun a 4.5, but ill give it a 5.

by Ellie C. on 04/06/2014
"Amazing construction and this rifle is as realistic as it gets. As an irony, this probably look better than the real BAR made in the WWII era being new and flawless.

The rifle shoots great and has an easy to upgrade gearbox, we brought ours to shoot at 450 FPS where our field allows with just a spring. Lipo works on this rifle and over-all it is an impressive replica.

by Daniel R. on 04/06/2014
"My BAR arrived yesterday and WOW! WW2 choices have been few and far between for many many years or were so prohibitively expensive as to be completely out of reach for us mortals. When they did come up with a decently priced WW2 replica they just didn't function well enough to be skirmished with. The D Boys Kar 98, The Hudson Grease gun GBB, The Marushin M1 GBB or the JAC BAR. Finally an AEG BAR was made available and at under $500.00 was tempting enough to order. It is an offering (along with the AEG Garand) that we WW2 airsofters have anticipated for over a decade.

With all that anticipation I am NOT disappointed. The MATRIX BAR is a worthy reincarnation of the iconic BROWNING AUTOMATIC RIFLE. It is near exact clone of the $1,200.00 plus VFC BAR with the main difference being the simulated wood in place of the VFC real wood. The FAUX wood looks fine in my opinion. As mentioned earlier Id like to see an easier battery access and the only other comment is I personally would have preffered low caps or high caps to the hi caps it comes with.

The gun is not as heavy as the real BAR (which rivals the weight of a BUICK) but it is appropriately heavy for an airsoft weapon. The bipod is spot on and well done, The gun is solid and features authentic details. It shoots hard at 396 FPS with 20 gram and is everybit as badass as I hoped.

With the recently released ICS Grease gun, the assorted Russian PPSHs, the upcoming Garand AEG and the british Sten and new gas bolt actions (Mosin Nagant, Enfield, Springfield etc. WW2 airsoft is finally viable.

there are a lot of us WW2 fans who are thrilled to see this trend. If this BAR is any indication of whats coming keep it up!!!!!!

BAR M1918 A2 Full Size Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Steel Bipod by Matrix

In response to the US's urgent need of a standardized automatic weapon towards the end of the first World War, John Browning introduced two types of automatic weapons to Congress for consideration; one of which was the single infantry operated, shoulder fired Browning Automatic Rifle also known as the BAR. The new select fire, air-cooled, long stroke piston operated weapon was so impressive that it was unanimously recommended for immediate adoption into service. Even though the weapon saw limited use in WWI due its late introduction, the battles it participated in were heavily impacted by the presence of this man portable light machine gun. Despite its low ammunition capacity, its mobility and ability to be operated by a single infantryman made it a force multiplier on the battlefield. The results were so impressive, other Allied nations requested for immediate adoption of the BAR. Throughout its service life, the BAR saw action in WW2, Korean War, and even into Vietnam before it was replaced by the M60 Machine Gun. During this time the weapon was used by various nations such as Belgium, Poland, and Sweden as well as being adopted by law enforcement for its awesome unrivaled firepower.

The Limited Edition Matrix BAR is a faithful replica of the original. This airsoft adaptation is the perfect AEG to complete any WWII collection or military reenactor's loadout. The Matrix BAR features all metal construction with realistic-looking imitation wood furniture and is designed for realistic field stripping. The Matrix BAR is no lightweight and it reflects the heavy duty ruggedness of the weapon it was modeled after. Included with the BAR is the optional carry handle and steel bipod to fit the light machine gunner role.


  • Replica BAR gas system
  • Fully upgradable gearbox
  • Realistic field stripping
  • Full metal outer barrel assembly
  • Full metal receiver assembly
  • Full metal trigger and trigger guard
  • Full metal front and rear sights
Length: 1200mm
Weight: 5000g
Inner Barrel: 500mm
Magazine Capacity: 190rds
Muzzle Velocity: 380~400 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs)
Gearbox: Full metal, proprietary
Motor: Short Type
Fire Modes: Full-Auto, Safety
Battery: 9.6v Small Butterfly Type recommended (Battery not included. Wired to the stock with a Small Tamiya connector)
Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual

Manufacturer: Matrix

Real wood furniture available here at!

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