Real Sword China PLA Full Size Battle Rifle Airsoft AEG (Type 97)


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Model: AEG-RS-Type97

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by Kevin R. on 01/25/2011
"Great gun, probably best DMR out there. Only one complaint, evike took out the black flashhider which was supposed to come with it
by Traci H. on 10/08/2010
"Good gun but there are some downsides.

Not to big 9 (30 inches)
Looks Awesome
Awesome internals (as good as KWA'S)
Amazing range-200 effective with 2.5 and hop up
Good fps (around 420)
Battery-pain to get in but once in it never needs to be taken out again just unplug and charge through hand grip
Extremely realistic being same weight length and other features as real one.
ROF of 1300 with 10.8 volt
Steel and polymer
MidCap 110 rd mag (i like mid caps)

Heavy for long game
The mag has a steel shell and the plastic inside slid out of position but nothing a little crazy glue couldn't fix.

Great gun for woodland but not CQB

FPS-19-20 (Depends if ur field alows 420)

Good for what its made for

Overall yes i gave it a great rating but what else would you expect from a $450 real sword
by Ryan G. on 03/02/2009
"I have held and shot this gun and it was a very nice gun. Good accuracy and power. The magazine once and a while jammed. But all in all it was a very nice and sturdy gun.

Real Sword Type 97 *To meet U.S.A. Regulation and law, AEG comes with orange flash hider. The A.E.G. has a 14mm negative thread that will fit most spare flash hider we sell.
Original size steel muzzle device, collected to all kinds of silencers.
In real steel, it is used for flash elimination, noise suppression,avioding muzzle climbing and so on. The 40mm grenade launcher can be installed as well.
Original size steel front sight, height can be regulated by sight wrench.
Front sight base adjustable left and right.
Gas regulator, imitated selecting is available.
In the real steel:
?0? is closing position for using when firing grenade
?1? is small gas hole for using under normal condition
?2? is big gas hole for using under foul condition and the recoiling energy of bolt is not enough
Both upper and lower handguard are of the same size as real steel, made of real steel factory standard high strength polymer. Same com- bination with metal body as real steel, true display the materials and techniques of real steel. Steel one piece barrel, dealt with chemistry complex film finish blackoxide same as real steel.
Fixed with receiver by pins, extremely solid.
The combinations of barrel and other components adopt interference fit technique, will never loose or waggle.
Charging handle can be pulled backwards & moved together with ejection port.
Opening ejection port, Hop-up can be adjusted precisely.
Butt stock, same size with real steel, made of high strength polymer. Same combination with metal body as real steel.
Steel magazine, same externality as NATO 5.56mmX45 magazine, and compatible with most brands of M16 series
BB gun magazines. Surface processed same as real steel.
Original 130rds double-column magazine, nearly the same shooting time with real 30rds magazine in actual combat shooting. At the same time, it is using the same material
with real one, extraordinary solid. Airsofters can have true experience of the challenge of reloading in time.
The safety selector lever is located at rear left of the frame.
The newly developed 7mm metal gear box, is suitable for the compact internal space caused by the original sizes design. It has air seal nozzle and spring releasing device, convenient for care and maintenance.
Gear box tail is designed with quick detachable spring guide base. Just like that the airsoft gun is for quick disassembly by hand, you can change the power spring by hand quickly according to rules on game spot.
Real steel factory standard high strength duralumin frame, forged and CNC processed, same size as real steel, hard coat anodizing, same anticorrosion with real steel. Lacquer free.
Press butt stock pins by hand to remove the butt stock, and press button type magazine catch to change magazine quickly.
Rubber butt plate, with lateral anti-skid ripple pattern, strengthens firing stability. Metal gun sling swivel, firmly connected with gun sling.
Survey hole rear sight same
as real one, can do imitated regulation completely.
Scope mount used for connecting with white light, shimmer, night, thermal imaging optical sight etc.
It can be cooperated with RS type 97 picatinny mount base to connect all kinds of optical sight. Grip, same size as real steel, with detachable grip plate.
In the past, outsiders had limited knowledge of Chinese small weapons. However, over time this ancient country?s secrets have been unveiled. Today, China demonstrates its unique wisdom in this field.
After the establishment of People?s Republic of China in 1949, during the development of small arms, it came through a period of bring-in and imitation. In 1956 China had successfully imitated Soviet Union?s automatic rifle and light machine gun, respectively named as type 56 7.62 mm semi-automatic rifle, sub machine gun and light machine gun. Thus this was the first time the Chinese army was uniformly armed.
In 1958, China began to develop its own light machine guns suitable for the Chinese army. Finally in 1963, the first automatic rifle was successfully developed, named as type 63 7.62mm automatic rifle. It was put into production in 1969, while it was only armed by a few troops for some reasons.
Then, in three years time since 1977, China had successfully developed type 81 7.62 mm gun family, including 81, 81-1 assault rifle and 81 light machine gun. They have the same main structure, and the automatic mechanism, firing mechanism, recoil mechanism, gas system and cartridge are interchangeable. Totally 65 components of them can be interchanged. Type 81 assault rifle inherits the advantages of type 56: reliable and durable, and it also gets improved in the accuracy of running fire. Since 1980s China began mass production of 81 gun family to replace the type 56 assault rifles.
Although Chinese were satisfied with type 81, however with the world-wide development of small caliber gun, they started to focus on the details of developing small caliber guns after learning M16?s perfect performance in the battle.
At that time, the Chinese aimed to catch up with world advanced level. In 1978, as the 5.8mm X42 caliber bullets was developed, China began to realize this target gradually.
In 1987, China successfully developed the first generation of 5.8mm small caliber gun family. By the end of 1980s, China made a comparison test between type 5.8mm and type 7.62mm bullets. The performance of 5.8mm surpassed 7.62mm entirely. Thus China began to focus on the development of generation 2 small caliber guns. Finally, it was finished in 1995, named as type 95 5.8mm gun family, including 95 assault rifle, 95 short assault rifle, and 95 light machine gun.
On July 1st 1997, when China took over Hong Kong, the Chinese PLA Garrison Troops in Hong Kong SAR was armed with the brand new assault rifle ---the new type 95 5.8mm small caliber assault rifle. For the first time the rifle was opened to the public and immediately caught the world media. It was said that China developed and produced this new rifle for this special occasion.
In Oct. 1999, in the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the People?s Republic of China, the most eye-catching small arm was again the type 95 in the grand military parade.
The Chinese team won the 2002 ERNA raid competition with their type 95. The features displayed by the rifle on the battlefield not only attracted the attention of all small arms experts, but also inspired the great interest of foreign reconnaissance troops.
In Feb. 2004, for the rebuilding of the embassy of PRC in the turbulent Iraq, the special force team assigned by Chinese government took charge of protecting the embassy. It was exactly the type 95 gun family that the team was armed with.
In 2004, the Chinese Peacekeeping Police Unit entered into Haiti. The soldiers and their type 95 embodied the expectation for peace.
Nowadays, the type 95 family are uniformly armed by most PLA (People?s Liberation Army).
As the new gun family made by China, the type 95 5.8mm small caliber assault rifle, is the epoch-making small arm of China.
Following the type 95, type 97 5.56mm gun family were successfully developed in China, which marked China?s step into the important historic phase of self developing and owning independent intellectual property rights. Its performance makes it ranked to the world advanced level.
Based on the further optimization of type 95 family, China has developed the second minor caliber weapon ---the type 97 5.56mm gun family. It includes type 97 assault rifle, 97B short assault rifle, and type 97 light machine gun, adopting the 5.56 mm bullet, such as SS109, M193 ammunition.
Type 97 has an extended port for easy connection with the magazine. It is using the button type magazine catch, and also compatible with the NATO M16 series magazine.
Type 97 rifle is designed according to the trend of the modern small arms with a bull-pup configuration.

?The bull-pup configuration makes type 97 much shorter while maintaining the barrel length. The overall length is only 760mm. The handy and comfortable features fit for different troops.
?Jumping out from the ?rough? impression of Chinese weapons, type 97 has compact sculpt, smart and smooth outline. Gun body (including the receiver top, grip, upper and lower handguard) is made of high strength polymer. The receiver is forged from duralumin, CNC processed. And its surface is processed with hard coat anodizing.
?Steel parts like barrel are processed with super anti-causticity chemistry complex film and black-oxide finish. With module system a wide variety of grenade launchers and sighting devices (scope, laser pointer, night vision sight and tactical light etc.) can be added on.
?Type 97 barrel was processed with the chilled casting to increase the accuracy. The bull-pup stock in straight-line makes the barrel axis and the butt stock barycenter nearly on the same line, which reduces the muzzle
climbing to increase the accuracy.
?Type 97 is easy to be disassembled, and reasonable barycenter ensures the balance and stabilization of the gun.
?Before finalizing type 97, it has passed extensive field trails in the sweltering, frigid, sand-dust, and rainy
environments. It works properly from -45? to 50 ?. In the sand and dust test, the fans blow up very thin density dust, and then shooters come in and shoot. You can guess how poor visibility it is; lower than one meter in the entire test fields.
RS type 97, a brand new and ultra realistic AEG from RS Company, is coming out. As an important part of ?RS 2007, Year of China Airsoft?, it is the first AEG that can help airsofters know more about the development of modern weapons of China. The release of RS type 97 will surely bring more fun and surprise to airsofters and military affair enthusiasts, and the RS company is proud of it as well.
When the China type 97 assault rifle became commercialized, RS started to learn and finished the sampling completely. Same with other upcoming products from RS, all the components of RS type 97, including their configuration, size and material are true display of the real one. The external parts including the front sight, rear sight, upper and lower hand guard, frame, grip, metal body are identical to the real steel parts. And the disassembly and assembly are the same as well. All these details have shown our R&D principle---faithfulness to the original!
Same as real steel, the butt stock, upper and lower handguard of RS type 97 are all made of real steel factory standard high strength polymer --- special nylon 66. This material is wearable, anti-erosion, low water absorption rate, light-weighted and very rigid. The receiver is forged from high strength duralumin, CNC processed. And its surface is treated with hard coat anodizing. Steel outer barrel are processed with super anti-causticity chemistry complex film and black-oxide finish.
On external materials and surface process techniques, RS type 97 has reached to the real steel standard.
The most enjoyable thing of RS products is you can treat it as real steel for the ultra realistic layout. Only the 6mm BB bullets will remind you that it is in the game.
Type 97 has a smart shape. In order to have the full same shape and size with real steel, we successfully developed the brand new type 97 gear box to fit in the internal. The gear box makes perfect integration of external and internal! Finally we have reached to the supper realistic AEG. Type 97 is a typical model which reflects RS developing and manufacturing concept and principle. All the efforts we devoted are to supply the wargame lovers and collectors with ultra realistic AEG!
??Real steel size steel muzzle device, 14mm anti-clockwise, suitable for all kinds of silencers.
??Steel front sight, real steel size and same adjustment way.
??The gas regulator has 3 positions for imitated selecting.
??Real steel size and material of upper and lower handguard, same combination as real gun.
??Steel one piece barrel with same surface process as real steel. The combinations of barrel and other
accessories adopt interference fit technique and never loose or waggle.
??Pulling steel charging handle backwards allows precise adjustment to the Hop-up.
??No screws externally, same combination with real steel. Metal body can be disassembled by removing the
two lock pins. After partial disassembly, the whole gun has only 8 parts including the lock pins, simple
configuration, easy and quick detachability.
??The newly developed RS type 97 7mm bearing metal gear box, makes the 100% real steel size frame.
? It has special high strength gear sets, air seal nozzle and spring release device, convenient for care and
? maintenance.
? Gear box tail is designed with quick detachable spring guide base. Just like the RS type 97 for quickly
disassembly, you can change the power spring quickly according to rules on game spot.
??Real steel factory standard high strength duralumin forged frame, CNC processed, same size with real
steel, hard coat anodizing, same anticorrosion with real steel.
??Unique serial number, worthy of collection.
??Same survey hole rear sight with real steel, completely imitating adjustment in four positions.
??130rds 6mm BB steel magazine enclosed with airsoft gun, same material and surface finish as real steel.
? Compatible with most brands of M16 series magazine.
??Dovetail groove mount base used for connecting with white light, shimmer, night, thermal imaging optical
sight etc. It can also cooperate with type 97 picatinny mount base adapter made by RS to connect all
brands of optical sights.
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This item is Discontinued.

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