WE-Tech SMG-8 (NG3) Airsoft GBB Sub Machine Gun - Black

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ID: 43558 (GR-WE-SMG8-BK)
This gun has a muzzle velocity rating (FPS) between 366 and 500, and is compliant for export to Canada.

12 Customer Reviews

by Matthew J M. on 01/18/2016
"First off I have put over 15k rounds through this gun and would like to expressly say that it's one of my favorites to date.

The Good:
Price point- vs the KWA it's over $100 cheaper, magazine-wise each magazine is half the price; $25 cheaper
Size- I own both the KWA MP7 and SMG8 and i prefer the larger size that this gun offers, the gun is about 1.5" longer, 0.5" wider and
marginally taller, making it feel more natural in your hands (being the larger person that I am.
Accuracy- CQB the gun is spot on, though it does shoot a bit hot 390-410 (I'm HPA tapped, so that's not an issue for me) don't really
need to mess with anything. When it comes to outside hop up may need some adjusting, and replacing soon after using it.
Recoil- Feels like a standard .22 recoil, not much else to say about it.

The Bad:
CQB Playability- If you're planning on using this gun for CQB you must HPA tap it, or find the air flow mod for it(which I read about but never really looked into) because it shoots too high to play indoors shooting at around 390-410 stock with .20's with green gas.
Reliability- showed signs of wear after 3000 rounds, and started having issues around 5000, requiring upgrades bringing the initial price
of gun in the neighborhood of the KWA and VFC mp7
Soft internals- Replaced sears and levers for aftermarkets (Z-Parts / RA-Tech Steel Replacement Trigger) once my safety stopped
working, due to the parts being too soft.
Stock recoil bounce- the KWA and VFC mp7's both suffer from this in addition to the We tech smg8, when shooting a lot the recoil
wears out the notches in the stock rendering stock adjustment useless and needing replacing after prolonged use.
Grip comfort- the grip on this gun digs into my hands and makes it a bit uncomfortable to hold, camo-form solved the problem for me,
though I felt it needed mentioning.

Personal thoughts:
Overall I think it's a great gun despite the bad things I heard about it when purchasing, and it feels and operates better than the KWA MP7 once you put the aftermarket upgrades (Z-Parts / RA-Tech Steel Replacement Trigger). If you plan on playing CQB it will be easier to get the KWA mp7 and get the low-flow CQB bolt for it.
by Jayce D. on 09/14/2015
"The SMG-8 is a great choice for someone who wants a compact rifle for field use. However, it does have a couple drawbacks... several in fact. This review will consist of a general overview, performance and chrono results, the BIG issues, and finally the pros and cons of the SMG-8. Keep in mind that this review will be fairly long, as I have A LOT of experience with this gun and will cover EVERYTHING in this review.

First, the general overview. I'll spare you the basic stuff so I won't mention what's included or all the basic features of the gun. What is handy however, is the little bag of parts WE includes with this gun. Anyways the external build quality is decent; the gun is very light because of the polymer construction, but still feels rather durable. The design is pretty favorable and overall looks appealing, although maybe not as much as an actual MP7 design (to some people). The price point is slightly high of what I would actually pay, but it's not all that bad. It hosts a bunch of rails for you to attach most accessories (I am currently using a micro red dot, stubby grip, and rail covers). Note that if you do decide to attach a compact optic, you may need a riser like I did.

Now we move on to the performance and chrono section. All results below have been achieved with 0.20g bbs and propane and measured using my XCortech X3500. The fps is ~395, putting is just under the maximum for outdoor fields (which is perfect in my case). The rate of fire is ~17 making it a decent full-auto candidate. I haven't really messed with the hop-up, but out of the box the range wasn't too good, only achieving an effective range of 100ft (However it can probably increase with some adjustments). The accuracy is pretty good at that range however, and shots are pretty consistent for the most part.

Here is the fun part... the deal-breakers:
Almost as soon as I got the SMG-8, the stock had problems collapsing randomly while firing in full auto mode. Now thanks to that handy bag of extra parts included with the gun, I was able to swap out the current stock locking piece with a better one. The difference was that the one previously installed in the gun was made of zinc alloy (pot metal), where as the extra one was a much stronger iron mechanism. In case you aren't provided with an extra one, but are still experiencing stock problems, here is a manufacturer's link to the part: http://www.weairsoft.com/parts/gbb-gas-blowback/rifles/smg-8-
The next issue I noticed is that overtime, the little notch in the stock locking mechanism will carve into the stock arms, causing a build-up of aluminum, that needs to be filed down for the stock to slide smoothly.
The trigger is also very spongy on semi-auto, and requires you to fully press it all the way to reset it. Sort of a pain but the trigger pull is fantastic and light on full-auto.
The last, or shall I say "latest" problem that has occurred is that the charging handle broke while firing and is unable to be fixed. I tried superglue and even welding plastic to it (to the point where it almost look brand new), and it still failed. Now I was firing with propane so there was more pressure, but I can bet that the same would have happened with green gas sooner or later. It's honestly pretty stupid how WE had to make the charging handle out of plastic, when it has to endure so much force while firing. The least they could have done is made it aluminum or better yet steel... but there is another perfect example of how WE-Tech cuts corners. Anyways the gun still firing fine and no issues because of the missing charging handle, but the gun looks funky and looses value when pieces like that are missing. If you feel the need, you can buy another plastic charging handle on their website: http://www.weairsoft.com/parts/gbb-gas-blowback/rifles/smg-8-
-series/smg-8-gbbr-part-11.html. Fortunately, I have resolved all of the above issues except for the spongy trigger pull.

Onto the pros and cons. The pros:
-Perfect fps
-Easy to use features
-AMAZING magazine (holds 44rds, all metal, and no leaks)
-Rate of fire is great
-Stock is nice one you get it working
-Rear and front sights are HUGE, making it easy to aim (but also harder to attach optics)
-Crisp blowback while still being gas efficient
-Consistent and accurate shots

-Requires a lot of maintenance (like most gas guns though)
-Build quality is garbage
-Price point is still too high
-So many small issues that it makes you want to pull your hair out :D
-Range isn't very good

The rifle isn't bad.. I justify the 3 star rating for the gun being great for most occasions, but only once you have fixed all of the small issues that come with the gun. Honestly it's not all that bad, so maybe it is deserving of a 3.5, but for people who aren't familiar with gas guns or how to fix them, this thing can be a real pain in the a$$. However I can guarantee that once you have moved past that point, this rifle will be a dream to use; it just requires some time and commitment to turn this thing around into a dream SMG.
by Steven T. on 07/16/2015
"For someone who wants a good cqb fun, look no further. This is a great buy. You get a well built mp7 with high fire rate and good power for the price of a beginner AEG. Most of the time Mags for gbb are expensive but the Mags for this are cheap also. I have found one problem so far and its not the worst thing. After a couple hundred rounds the stock wants to close on its own but you can get the parts to fix it for $20 here on evike.

good power
Good rof
Good weight (middle weight for size)
Cheap Mags
Strong externals
Low cost replacement partd

Stock kinda sucks
The mag release runs against my fingers when I shoot and is uncomfortable
Trigger feels like an AEG trigger.
Orange tip is damn near impossible to get off. Even though it comes with a 12mm thread to 14mm thread adapter

Over all is a great gun with small flaws.
WE-Tech SMG-8 (NG3) Airsoft GBB Sub Machine Gun - Black
Red dot sight not included

The SMG-8 NG3 model by WE USA is offered exclusively here at Evike.com. To avoid resellers going around the proper distribution channel, selected WE USA items that are exclusive to Evike.com with a trade-marked label to properly signify the extra QC and specifications dedicated to the USA market. Take the SMG-8 for example, what you will get here at Evike.com will be with reinforced select fire mechanism, bolt lock, and many other exclusive parts after our careful study of WE's initial release (which was deemed per-mature) by our product team. Hence the delay on this item's release time here on Evike.com.

WE-Tech SMG-8 Airsoft GBB Sub Machine Gun - Black

The WE-Tech SMG-8 Airsoft GBB Sub Machine Gun packs quite a punch in a small package. Great as a main weapon or sidearm this Airsoft SMG is just what you need for any load out. Featuring a full 20mm accessory rail system you can deck this gun out with all kinds of tactical equipment. The internals are designed to be hard hitting with a realistic kick utilizing WE-Tech's awesome open-bolt blowback system. The extendable stock can be deployed with the touch of a button allowing the operator to adapt to all types of combat situations. Comfort is also key with the ergonomically designed pistol grip and the polymer butt plate. A heavyweight full-metal magazine provides the gun with great balance and a very realistic feel. This is by far one of the coolest Airsoft GBB SMG's to hit the market!

  • High Strength Polymer Receiver
  • Full Metal Barrel and Internal Blowback Assembly
  • Integrated 20mm Accessory Rails
  • Railed Receiver for Optics
  • Extendable Stock
  • Fixed Front and Adjustable Rear Sights
  • Textured, Ergonomic Pistol Grip
  • Realistic Blowback Action

  • Length: 419mm / 645mm (Retracted / Extended)
    Weight: 1660g
    Inner Barrel: ~184mm
    Thread: 12mm Negative
    Magazine Capacity: 44rds
    Muzzle Velocity: 370~400 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs and Green Gas)
    Gas Type: Green Gas, Red Gas, Propane
    Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
    Package Includes: Gun, Magazine
    Hopup: Yes, Adjustable

    Manufacturer: WE-Tech

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