Phantom Custom WE M9 Sword Cutlass Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistol

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Model: GP-WENG3-001
Location: L8-001

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by Jaime R. on 03/09/2014
"I just received this gun last Wednesday and I must say, I love it. It shoots beautifully right out the box, has a nice weight to it, and a "clack" to it when the slide moves back. This is y first GBB pistol and I'm extremely satisfied. Most of the parts are metal, except the Ivory handgrips and the hop up. The hop up looks nice though, it's blue. I haven't messed with the hop up yet, since I know it'll be a pain. The range seems pretty good, I live in the ghetto so I can't really test it like I want to. I don't have a chrono to see the fps. Now for the nitpicky part (Cons, but it's just nitpicking); the skulls in the Ivory grips are lazily detailed and not as centered as in the anime, also the screws in the grips are black when they're supposed to be silver. Other than that, I LOVE this gun. If this is still in the Epic Deals by Friday when I get paid, I'm definitely buying another one. Ps. To get the Orange tip off, boil the tip in water for almost 20mins or so and just twist it counter-clockwise with pliers. Use a rag or something to prevent scratches. Also, a CO2 mag does fit, but you have to kinda push it in there and mess with the mag release button until it clicks, otherwise it pops back out. I haven't tested it with CO2 yet. Anyways, like I said, if it's still on sale by this Friday, I'm definitely buying another. =)
by jelle l. on 08/27/2013
"Great gun for a number of previously stated reasons and on top of that it just looks so damn sexy. Everyone has a MEU (yes i have one too), but not everyone has a decked out m9 like this. there are no cons part from my fear to scratch or damage the finish.

The mags that came with it work great, and under the right conditions you can get two mags out of one fill. ( i tried it at ~20 celsius/~69 f, and got about 56 rounds out the mag it came with)

For a larger then average handgun it actually weighs less than an MEU, not that this is a point of criticism or a con.

I'm just dissapointed about one thing and that is that my MEU came with a 6.03 tightbore installed ( a plus that wasn't mentioned in the product overview) and this one sadly didn't. (imagine how much better this already sick gun could get)

overall its a highly skirmishable gun that can hold its own against all of the other side arms out there and even against some aeg's or shotguns in terms of range.

Oooh did i mention it looks incredebly sexy, and that by simply holding it you look that much (tacti-)sexier
by Adrian-Bogdan M. on 03/15/2013
"Great gun for all the reasons stated by the other positive reviewers. I don't want to repeat what they said, I'll just take this opportunity to clarify a few aspects:

* The mag may leak gas somewhere at the top when you first fill it. Don't worry, it's probably not broken, you just need to spray silicone oil on both valves and the rubber opening at the top and let it sit for a couple of days. Just keep trying to refill it with gas and re-check for leaks every day after that first oiling and you should find that the problem eventually goes away. That's what happened with mine anyway.

* Be careful when playing around with the trigger (or simply DON'T) while the safety is on! There's a defect in a range of WE/CQB Master M9-type pistols whereby if you push the trigger hard enough to the left and then pull it backward, it will engage and FIRE EVEN WITH THE SAFETY ON, if starting from the uncocked position. So keep this in mind and be careful.

* Another defect I saw in mine was that the central screw at the back of the slide wasn't flush with the internal surface of the slide and it kept grinding away at the hammer during slide action and it also prevented the slide from stopping onto the slide-catch but made it stop earlier, against the hammer, which made the slide-catch useless at releasing the slide. The only thing that improved this for me was taking out that screw and thinning and rounding out its head with sandpaper so that it could pass over the hammer with less friction.
*Starting December 2013, all Cutlass shipped will be Phantom Custom NG3 version.

Phantom Custom WE M9 Sword Cutlass Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistol

Externally, the Cutlass platform is among the newest line of unique pistols made by WE dedicated to the high-end Airsoft players. The M9 pistol originated from the US military destination, is now customized with custom nickle plated slide, frame, ivory pistol grip panels, and amazing laser engravings.
The Phantom Custom WE GBB series features a recognizable sharp snap to the recoil and a smooth blowback operation one can't miss. Majority of the after-market necessary upgrades are already integrated for the shooter to focus on gaming and out-performing. The Aluminum slide, high output M9 gas magazine, Co2 magazine (sold separately) and hundreds of future upgrade-options made the Phantom Custom WE GBB series second to none.

Dimension: 255mm x 135mm
Magazine Capacity: 25 rounds. This pistol use all Tokyo Marui, WE, KJW M9 compatible magazines. Recommend WE / Phantom Custom M9 Series Mag for best compatibility. Co2 powered magazine also available.
System: Phantom Custom WE NG3
Operation: Gas Blowback
Firing Modes: Safe / Semi-automatic.
External Finish: Nickle Plated.
Hopup: NG3 / Adjustable / REAPS bucking installed.
Muzzle Velocity: 300~340 fps
Range: 180~300 feet
Gas: Green Gas / Propane Adapter / Red Gas / Co2 (Co2 magazine required.)
Package Includes: Gun, Manual, magazine.
BB: 6mm Airsoft High Grade bbs. (Recommend 0.23g Matrix or heavier due to high FPS) Use 0.30g bb for maximum range!
Manufacturer: Phantom Custom WE
Base Gun OEM: WE-Tech / WETTI

Features :
  • Extended inner & outer barrel for extended range.
  • Integrated electro-plated tight-bore inner barrel.
  • Phantom Custom fiber-embedded polycarbonate high performance nozzle.
  • Aircraft grade Aluminum CNC slide for hard kick blowback and high rate of fire.
  • Nickle Plated metal slide, frame, barrel and trigger for maximum bling.
  • On-frame safety.
  • On-Frame magazine release / detachable magazine.
  • Functional slide release: Slide locks when magazine is empty.
  • Custom "Sword Cutlass" laser engraving set.
  • Installed "Sword Cutlass" Ivory grip panel.
  • Serrated Slide.
  • Integrated front and rear sight.
  • Realistic Blowback hard kick action.

  • Phantom Custom WE-tech Cutlass
    The Phantom Custom Cutlass is superior over the discontinued KSC Cutlass model with a 50% off price-tag, 100% factory after-market parts support, Marui System (easier to upkeep and repair), comes with metal slide, nickle plated metal frame, with affordable / available spare magazines, detailed construction, reinforced internal parts, reinforced external parts, takes high pressure green gas, takes Co2 magazines, has a higher FPS, stronger kick and double the range!

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