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Inner Precision Barrels

Airsoft Tight Bore Inner Barrels 101

Why would you want tight bore barrels?

- Generally, the longer your barrel is, the higher the accuracy and range.
- Better "Grouping" (How far apart the bb traveling paths are due to deviations and other factors).
- After modifying your rifle, your inner barrel might not be "to the tip" of your muzzle, so you'll want a longer inner barrel.

How to determine the length of your tight bore barrel?
Measure it with a ruler. (The inner barrel starts about 5mm after where the feeding hole on your magazine starts.)
If your flash hider have see thru holes, you'll probably want the inner barrel to end before that.

Diameter of inner barrels?
The "Tighter" the inner barrel, the more accuracy, but also, the more likely it will jam when dust or a bad bb gets inside your barrel.
Most AEG barrel are 6.10mm. 6.05mm and below are considered tight bore barrel.
When an AEG has tight bore barrels installed, it is highly recommend to use ONLY Precision airsoft bb (Matrix, Tokyo Marui, Excel).