The game play is inspired by the game "RISK". Where multiple forces battle to gain control of as many territories as possible in a given time frame.

--- Game Play ---
All four forces will deploy from home land to
conquer* bases* throughout the field.

Identified by flag stations with four flags tied to flag station. (There will be 10~15 bases throughout the field.)
Conquer: Replacing the existing flag of the bases with your force's flag.

--- Objectives ---
Conquer as many territories as possible while defending your gained territory.

As each team moves forward capturing bases, opposition forces can attempt to your conquer captured bases.

--- Forces ---
All force will have a specific color flag to be placed on the flag pole, signifying unit occupies the area.
- The Home Defense = Green flag
- The Expeditionary = Yellow flag
- The Civil Defense Corp = Black Flag
- The Civilian Militia = Red flag

Operation Matrix simulates a unique type of gaming experience where there are four forces instead of two.
Smaller forces = serious running and intense shooting.
Regeneration is done at the city occupied to prevent long walk to regen. / zombie player situations.
*Camping at regeneration points will not win you the game.

Respawn (Reinforcements for your force)
Dead players should immediately proceed to the nearest conquered base to respawn.
Respawn = 2 minutes at the occupied base within 5 feet from your flag.
Other than "home land bases". All other bases captured can be overrun by other forces at anytime.

Scenario One
All four forces will command and conquer the 100 acre battle ground, free-for-all style. The battle of Desert Fox begin.
At the end of the 2.5 hour scenario. Game will end. Winning fore will be awarded free bb and special Limited Edition OP. Matrix Trophy Patch.
Scenario Two
At the start of the second scenario, forces will form alliance into two large forces. (Determined by game control.) The battle to dominate Desert Fox phase 2 begins. Forces will battle to control Desert Fox and dominate itís regions Flags just like scenario one.
At the end of the 2 hour scenario. Game will end. Winning force will be awarded free bb and special Limited Edition OP. Matrix Trophy Patch.

Best costume award.
Raffle Prizes.
(Lots of sponsored products sent by sponsors such as Matrix, Echo1, TSD, G&G, KJW, JBU....and more will be raffled out.)

Sunday April 26th.
07:00~08:00     Check in & Chrono
08:00~09:15     Opening Remarks
09:15~09:30     Deployment
09:30~12:00     Scenario One
12:00~13:30     Lunch Break
13:30~15:30     Scenario Two
16:00~XX:00    Award Ceremony / Raffle