This game is inspired by the game "RISK". A re-designed game of Operation World War III we had two years ago. Where four forces will battle to gain control of as many cities as possible in a given amount of time.

First Scenario
Each force starts off at its main base camp. The forces will expand and capture territories throughout the field. (By replacing flags located in multiple flag stations with your flag). As each team moves forward capturing territories, opposition forces can attempt to conquer areas already captured by forces. Your Objectives are to conquer as many territories as possible while defending your main base.

Each force will have a specific color flag on the pole that should be placed on the top most position to signify what unit occupies the area.
- Green forces= Green flag
- Tan Forces = Tan flag
- Contractor = Black Flag
- Civilian = White flag

When a player is hit, he is to die in place for 5 minutes, then proceed to the nearest flag of the players color to a respawn. If one force is reduced to only 1 flag, respawn will be limited to (X) per person till the flag is captured.
When a force is conquered, the attacking force that captures the main base, now controls that team.
Example: Green is attacking the tan force. Tan has only their main starting point to spawn from. Green moves in and dispatches the last of the tan forces, after all of Tanís respawns are used. Green now augments their forces with all of Tanís forces, even if Tan occupies another respawn point.

Second Scenario
At the start of the second scenario, forces will be paired into two large forces. The battle to dominate Tecuya begin. Forces will battle to control the mountain top and dominate itís regions. Flags: The two dominate forces flag colors will be used to signify territory. Respawns can be handled at any team flag site. Should one force be down to only their main base, the respawns will then become limited. Last team standing is the ruling force of Tecuya!

At the end of the event, there will be a best costume contest with AEG price.

Lots of sponsored products sent by sponsors such as Matrix, Echo1, TSD, G&G....and more will be raffled out. (Special Thanks to the field organizers and our sponsors for making this event possible!)

A "Playboy Mansion Event Admission" ($1000 value) will be raffled out to a lucky winner! Curtsy of Inc. Winner must be 21 and over / Restriction may apply, all rights reserved by Inc.