General Release Form


Indemnification-Contestant assumes responsibility and agrees to indemnify and defend Best of USA Marketing, event advertisers, event VIP, fellow tournament Contestants, Sanna Ranch, and GI respective employees and agents against any claims or expenses arising out of the use of the tournament premises over the weekend of Feb. 21, 2009.


While security personnel may be available generally for the purpose of safeguarding the general public at the Tournament, the Contestant is solely responsible for the safekeeping of his/her own property while attending Operation New Horizon.  The Contestant attends this tournament with the full knowledge of the tournament of Airsoft may cause bodily harm, serious injuries, lose of limps and death. 


The Contestant therefore assumes the responsibility to indemnify, defend and hold Best of USA Marketing, event advertisers, event VIPs, event attendees,  and GI staff, harmless from any liability, claims, court actions or causes of action for personal injury or property damage which the contestant may suffer while participating in Operation New Horizon.


All Contestants are expected to and shall conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner.  Any Contestant who, in the opinion of Best of USA Marketing, GI staff and , fails to conduct themselves in such a manner may be asked to leave the Tournament at any time without any right to a refund of fees, either in whole or in part.  Without limiting the generality of the above, the possession of any firearm or weapon at the Tournament without prior written permission of Best of USA Marketing shall result in immediate expulsion.  Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are also prohibited.  Contestant in possession of illegal drugs shall also result in immediate expulsion.  In order to uphold these provisions, the Contestant agrees to permit reasonable inspection of their wares by a duly authorized agent of Best of USA Marketing.  The Contestant indemnifies and holds Best of USA Marketing, event advertisers, event VIPs, event attendees, GI and staff harmless for any losses caused by a breach of these conditions.


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