OP. New Horizon - III Scenarios

Scenario One: Cruel Harvest
The USFOR is tasked with a Search and Destroy mission, finding and destroying Poppy Fields. (laid down in advance by game control). It is too early to harvest the poppy fields, so wherever possible the CARTEL must AVOID harvesting the fields.
(Prop details TBA at the AO so folks donít get clever and make their own).

Scenario Details:
USFOR has no intel on location of poppy fields INCLUDING HOW MANY there are. CARTEL has location of all fields. †
* USFOR must locates field (radios COC), Secures Coordinates (relay information up COC), destroy fields
* CARTEL must repel USFOR from discovering, relaying information, and destroying fields. Or CARTEL MAY Harvest fields.

Additional Rules
* In order to harvest the field ALL poppies must be in Harvest box, and it must be removed from the field to CARTEL FOB
* In order to Destroy Field, all Poppies must be placed in INCINERATION BOX.
* Poppies may not be removed from INCINERATION BOX.
* Captured Harvest boxes may be taken to Incineration box for incineration.
* Incineration box may not be moved once poppies have been placed in it.
* Poppy Markers may not be concealed, or carried in any container other than a harvest box (including backpacks etc.)
* All Poppy markers will be accounted for by game control at end of scenario.

7 fields total
1 point --- USFOR discovery --- 2 points -- CARTEL
1 point --- USFOR relays info --- 2 point -- CARTEL
†prevents relay
2 point --- USFOR destroys field --- -1 point -- CARTEL
†harvests field

Scenario Two: Traffic's a Bitch
The CARTEL needs to move it's product from the dense forest factory to a nearby airstrip. The cases are large and cumbersome, but they must get to the airstrip before the scheduled arrival of the smuggler's airplane. The USFOR only has intel that the CARTEL is attempting to move a large quantity of product.

Cartel Must move all PRODUCT CASES from FACTORY to AIRSTRIP.
USFOR has no intel on location of CARTEL FACTORY, Quantity of shipment or even the existence of AIRSTRIP.

* US FOR must Secure as much PRODUCT as possible.
* US FOR must discover destination of PRODUCT
* CARTEL may take any route necessary to ensure delivery of PRODUCT to the EVAC POINT
* CARTEL must conceal location of the EVAC POINT

Additional Rules
* USFOR must capture PRODUCT and take to secured INCINERATION points (established in first scenario) or back to their FOB.
* PRODUCT at USFOR FOB is considered Secured.
* PRODUCT at INCINERATION points must be removed from PRODUCT CASES and places ††into INCINERATION BOX to be considered Secured.
* Cases may be captured by either side at either time, unless at USFOR FOB, or inside INCINERATION BOX.
* AIRSTRIP will have a discreet location, and an envelope containing airstrike coordinates, (for USFOR to radio to COC)
* All PRODUCT will be accounted for by game control at the end of the scenario.

†22 ttl
1 point --- USFOR securing product --- CARTEL delivering product
2 points --- USFOR discovers Airstip --- CARTEL conceals Airstrip

Scenario Three: No One Gets Left Behind.
A US NAVY SEAL team was assigned a similar operation by SOCOM, but they are now cut off from main force, and need to be extracted. They have wounded.

* USFOR has no intel on location of SEAL team
* USFOR must locate, and link up with SEAL team.(relay to COC)
* USFOR must establish a secure Helo extraction site
* USFOR must escort SEAL team to either extraction site or USFOR FOB
* USFOR should prevent further losses to SEAL team.
* CARTEL must prevent extraction of SEAL team
* Cartel knows where the SEAL team is located at the beginning of the scenario

Additional Rules

* Any hit SEAL must be physically carried either to FOB or Extraction point to be considered SAFE.

12 SEALs total (or staff number)
1 point --- SEAL unhurt to Safety --- SEAL hit during extraction
1 point --- SEAL wounded to safety --- SEAL extraction prevented